SPLO YACHT Family Celebration 2019

10th January, 2019, SPLO Yacht Family celebrated to return happiness for royalty customers in Thailand Yacht Show2019, Royal Phuket Marina on “Chowa Yacht” an exclusive pa yacht party, organized by AIM Charters, Tailor-made boat charter service, collaborated with Voravee Hospitality, a professional concierge service.

“ SPLO Yacht” a stable cruising vessel with excellent performance by fine cutting-edge. SPLO Yachts concern Custom-built luxury leisure yachts to emphasize on “Customer satisfaction” for vessel performance, light, stable, put more guest capacity, and economize fuel consumption, very important for LOW maintenance cost.

Recently, SPLO yacht models already lunched SPLO950, a mother ship of SPLO fast boat, SPLO 1200, a family motor-yacht, SPLO2000 for exclusive party yacht in Phuket, operating charter by “AIM Charters” underneath Ace International Marines, Phuket.

Soon, new innovative motor-yacht named “Lotus 15” for 52feet, designed by Group Finot in French. Lotus15 is fast, comfortable, inno-function for Tropical Phuket. Arrival soon next month February.