24 Years of Wildlife Conservation Marked at Laguna Phuket Sea Turtle Conservation 2018

40 young sea turtles were released into the tranquil waters of the Andaman Sea to begin their lifetime ocean odysseys at Laguna Phuket’s 24th annual sea turtle release in the morning of Sunday, 1 April on Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC) beachfront in Phuket, Thailand.

Led by Mr. Norraphat Plodthong, Phuket Governor, the beach ceremony was part of Laguna Phuket’s on-going environmental partnership with Phuket Marine Biological Centre and the 3rd Area Naval Command, Royal Thai Navy to help the plight of endangered sea turtles.

Proceeds from sea turtle release tickets and other activities including merchandise sales at the event will be put towards the Centre’s sea turtles conservation programmes. To date, 2,105 sea turtles have been released by Laguna Phuket and 7 million Baht raised since 1994.

Over the course of 24 years, more than 4,500 people have participated in the initiative. The half-day activities include a visit to sea turtles nursery ponds, rescue ponds and sea turtle conservation trail where participants, mostly families with young children, were being briefed on the importance of wildlife conservation.

“Our ultimate goal is to actively engage, educate and inspire our guests, associates, community members and the general public that we all play a vital role in sea turtles and eco-system protection,” said Mr. Anthony Loh, SAVP of Laguna Phuket,

“We hope that this experience will encourage the young generations to be lifelong advocates of wildlife conservation and environmental preservation.” he concluded.

Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) can live for up to 60 years and spend their lives roaming the world’s oceans. Only the females ever come ashore again to nest. For more information, visit www.lagunaphuket.com/CSR